Company overview

Our Co-Founder and CEO Mr. Muhammad Ali taken a humble step on an eve of Jan 2008. We were founded 🙂 and since then there were a lot of happening. As a child company we worked on a small projects with very low cost budgets and gradually moved towards our goal to become a large scale IT company.

The road was bumpy and tracks were not paved but we continued our journey. Today after 10 years now, we are serving clients from US, CA, DK, AU, BA and still continued.

We have two of our own products developed and that area of company is growing on a very good rate.

We are keeping our strength, improving our weaknesses and trying to grow as gradually as possible so that our parabolic closure moves far away. We have made two things clear for ourselves 1. All Challenges Are Accepted 2. We Really Have to Love What We Do.

Our Valuable Clients