POS & Equipment for Kitchen King PK

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We got this challenge from Mr. Rizwan - Kitchen King PK to deploy a POS system with in almost no time to 1 of their branch. We started from scratch made the requirement specification document and completed it with in 1 month of time span. With the last experience on ReckStar it took us almost no time but requirements where a lot different then ReckStar.

  • It was Jave SE platform with a lot of custom changes

We selected Jave SE platform due to the requirement of this POS to be network base. We started on an open source platform and change it completely according to business requirements. It was a challenging task.

  • It was not only the deployment of POS but to support them with hardware as well.

It was required not only deploy the software but to support them in hardware as well. So we become their established vendor for hardware as well. We arranged everything locally for them.


We deployed one of our best team on the task under the supervision of Mr Talha our CTO for Mobile Development. There was one developer and one designers worked day and night on this to complete the project. For hardware Mr Muhammad Ali supported and got all the equipment arranged which was required.


Client was happy and the project was delivered. Mr. Rizwan was so happy that he shared a complete thank you email with us. And appreciated the team effort.

  • Project delivered on time.
  • All changes and fixes were done as requested.
  • We were never behind the schedule accept few delays and we were always there for our client.